Miracle That You’re Living

Parshas Emor states that a person should bring a korbon todah to thank Hashem for all the good He does for us. Today we are in exile we can not bring the todah but with our mouth we can thank Hashem. Hear Malkys words on this topic.

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Purim Message

On Purim ״כל הפושט יד נותנים לו״ To all who stretch out their hand, we give!

Listen to Malky tell over her incredible tzedaka story and be inspired to give tzedaka and do chessed.

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It’s Adar and it’s almost Purim and you have to be happy in Adar so Torah makes you very very happy. And with your Tefilos also you should daven very very very hard. Daven for me because I might have to go back into the hospital. You should daven with tears! Cuz the gates of tears are never ever closed. Thank you!

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When I came out of the parking lot, I was thinking that when Hashem makes a person sick, He wants them to realize that they’re better and that Hashem is taking care of them. But when they get back not sick they’re so happy that they forget about Hashem. So Hashem thinks to himself hmmm.. let me play another game on him, let me see if he really, really is still going to be bitachon when I make him better again. He wants us to be happy and He wants us to have bitachon in Hashem’s stuff so that’s why Hashem sometimes makes relapses. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just that Hashem’s testing you if you really, really are bitachon. Sometimes it’s really hard for you. Hashem makes different tests on you but you’re still supposed to be happy because then Hashem knows you love Him, you care about it and you always listen to Him. That’s why Hashem does all these stuff to you.

I don’t know who you are but you should know that you should be happy that you’re living on this world. And don’t think that you’re nothing. You’re a princess, you’re Hashem’s child and be happy that you’re a yid! I think you’re a really good girl. I don’t know who you are but I hear a lot from Esty about you. I really, really, really think that you’re totally normal. You should really think that you’re normal. You’re a normal, solid girl and you’re not a nothing. You’re Hashem’s child, Hashem’s our father and He’s our king. You are the princess. You are Hashem’s princess! You should be strong, you should be happy. A yid is always supposed to be happy even when it’s hard. Like some people, it’s very, very hard for them. They go through many tzaros like people staying in the hospital or going on a certain medicine that makes their hair fall out. You have hair, you have a healthy body. You have everything. You have everything that a body needs. Some people that are sick have problems. You are healthy! Be happy that you’re healthy! I give you a bracha that you should live till 135 and still be healthy and happy. You should be happy, happy, happy.

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To my special nurse Colleen

Colleen, Malky’s favorite nurse from the out patient clinic was a nurse for over fourty years. Malky would often say how she wouldn’t manage without her. She was retiring, so one night Malky, in a very weak state dictated this poem to give Colleen along with a beautiful goodbye present. Amazingly Colleen’s last day of her fourty year career was Malky’s last time ever in the clinic. Indeed she wouldn’t manage without her!

Goodbye Colleen
I know you have to leave
So here’s a gift that might
make you smiley

You make me feel so very good
I know you have to leave now
but I wish I could
come with you.
You make my night
shine and bloom.

Thank you Colleen
for everything
that you did for me.

I’m very sad.
But I’m also glad because I know this is
the best choice for you.You make me smile when I’m sad
You make me happy when I’m mad
Thank you Colleen so very much
You give me a special touch

You’re the best nurse
Everybody knows
So here’s a special present
That will make you glow

Thanks Colleen for making everything easy and fun
Thanks Colleen, Thanks a ton!

Love, Malky

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